The Bulk Manufacturer of Silica Gel for liquid Chromatography

Brief History

Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd. was established in 1965, based on a solid foundation since 1932 with the manufacture of sodium silicate under the company name Takahashi Water Glass Manufacturer. Ever since 1965, Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd. has been devoted to the development of specialty silica gels for many industrial applications.

Business Focus

Our main products have earned a stellar reputation because of their quality, and each occupies the largest share in its respective market. Fuji Silysia Chemical believes that the application of silica will spread even further into various fields as industrial chemical technology develops. Silica has enormous future growth potential. In order to meet the needs of the next generation, we are now stressing the development of innovative products which can immediately respond to novel situations in an ever-changing world.



Began production and sale of sodium silicate in Osaka under the company name Takahashi Water Glass Manufacturer.


Established Fuji Sodium Silicate Co., Ltd.. in Tokyo and began producing silica gel: began nationwide sales in Japan; continued to produce and sell sodium silicate.


Established Kozoji Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., (predecessor of the present Kasugai Plant) and began specialized production of silica gel.


Fuji Sodium Silicate Co. Ltd., Meika Industrial Co., Ltd., and Takahashi Water Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd., merged to form Fuji Chemical Co.. Ltd. Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd., acquired Keiso Chemical Laboratory.


Established a plant for the production of silica gel in Honai-cho. Nishiuwa-gun, Ehime Prefecture (the present Ehime Plant].


Split the sodium silicate operations and silica gel operations of Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd., and transferred the business rights for the silica gel operations to Yugen Kaisha Fuji.


Fuji-Davison Chemical Ltd. established through 50% capital investment each by the Davison Chemical Division of W.R. Grace & Co. and Yugen Kaisha Fuji.


Started production and sale of Syloid.


Compleled construction ol Head Office building in Kozoji-cho, Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture; opened Tokyo Sale\ Office.


Opened Hiroshima Sales Office and Fukuoka Sales Office.


Opened Nagoya Sales Office.


Compleled Hyuga Plant.


Completed Technical Center; opened Osaka Sales Office and South Korea Branch Office.


First phase expansion of Hyuga Plant.


Second phase expansion of Hyuga Plant.


Dissolved joint venture with W.R. Grace & Co. and changed company name to Fuji Silysia Chemical, Ltd.; opened U.S. Branch Office.


Certification under ISO 9002 (production of micronized silica products at Kasugai Head Office Plant and Hyuga Plant); established Fuji Silysia Chemical USA. Ltd.


Third phase expansion of Hyuga Plant; established Fuji Silysia Chemical S.A. in Switzerland; closed Hiroshima Sales Office (operations transferred to Osaka Sales Office and Fukuoka Sales Office for consolidation of sales office operations).


Established Silysiamont S.p.A. in ltaly as a joint venture with Ausimont S.p.A. (now Solvay S.A.); U.S. plant completed in Greenville, North Caroline, by Fuji Silysia Chemical USA. Ltd.; additional certification under ISO 9002 (production of spherical powder silica gel products at Kasugai Head Office Plant); closed South Korea Branch Office.


Certification changed from ISO 9002 to ISO 9001.


Certification under ISO 14001 (Hyuga Plant); completed Italy Plant at Silysiamont S.p.A.


Additional certification under ISO 9001 (production of spherical powder silica gel products at Hyuga Plant).


Certification under lSO 14001 (Kasugai Head Office Plant). Fourth phase expansion of Hyuga Plant.


Additional certification under ISO 9001 (production of spherical silica gel products at Ehime Plant).


Established liaison office in Phillippines.


Relocations of sales offices in Tokyo and Nagoya.


Relocation of sales office in Osaka.


Established KYRAPHARM SAS in France as a joint venture with AXYNTIS SAS.


Invest in 50% of AXYNTIS


Silysiamont S.p.A. in ltaly 100% Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd.


Established Silylab plant at Pithiviers, France


Dissolved joint venture of KYRAPHARM SAS with AXYNTIS SAS.

The Silica Network

The silica Network

2 Manufacturing Plants - World

  • Greenville, USA
  • Bussi, Italy

3 Manufacturing Plants - Japan

  • Hyuga, Japan
  • Kasugai, Japan
  • Ehime, Japan

1 Technical Center

  • Hyuga, Japan

What makes the difference?

Silica Structure

  • Surface Area within the Pores
  • Volume within the Pores
  • Pore Size and Pore Size Distribution
  • Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution

Silica Chemistry

  • Silanol Composition
  • Silanol Frequency and Density
  • Type and ‘Homogeneity’ of Si-OH
  • Silica Surface Acidity

Bonding Chemistry

  • Type of Functional Group
  • Bonding Process Method
  • Bonded Group Concentration/Density

LC Various Modes

  • NP-Mode on bare & bonded silica
  • RP-Mode on wide range of hydrophobicity
  • HILIC-Mode & IEC-Mode
  • Scavengers

Certification ISO 14000

Environmental Policy

Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd., is proud to be a leading manufacturer of silica, and as an environmentally oriented company specializing in the development and production of environmentally friendly silica, we are committed to contributing to better living and regional economic development while striving for harmony with nature.

In all of our business activities, Fuji Silysia continues our efforts to protect the environment based on the following basic policy.

Basic Policy

  1. By accurately understanding the environmental impact of our business activities, setting environment targets, and conducting regular reviews of those targets, we will work to continuously improve our environmental protection activities.
  2. We will give full consideration to environmental impact in our development of products and technology and in our procurement of materials.
  3. We will promote conservation of energy and resources, waste reduction, and recycling, with special emphasis on efficient energy utilization and the reduction of the amount of waste generated by our business activities.
  4. In addition to fully complying with all environmental Iaws and regulations. we will establish our own in-house environmental management standards as necessary and work to prevent environmental pollution.
  5. Through our in-house information and education activities, we will work to ensure a thorough understanding of our environmental policy among all of our employees and to increase their level of awareness regarding environmental protection. We will also actively cooperate with environmental activities outside the company.
  6. We will publicly disclose our environmental policy and promote communication to obtain the understanding and cooperation of the local community and all of the companies with which we do business.

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