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A Chromatography Purification Service

Since 2013, Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd. established Kyrapharm at Orgapharm (Axyntis Group) in France, south of Paris, a Chromatography Purification Service Center to offer support to customers.

Whether your needs are big or small, Kyrapharm offers a variety of fully scalable purification services to meet your demands. We have a world-class reputation for purifying chemical compounds from mg to 100's kg scales.

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Technical Support

Discover our practical applications and regulatory documentation


Amino (for Sugar Separation) silica Technical Bulletin

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Poly-Ethylene-Imine silica Technical Bulletin

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Regulatory Documentation

(MB - SMB - SPS - GS) SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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Chromatography Tips

How to select the right product

Chromatorex Selection Guide

The selection of the right stationary phase for liquid chromatography is dictated by 3 key factors:

  • Solubility → Functionality
  • Molecular weight → Capacity
  • Separation difficulty → Selectivity

Scale Up

LC Tips for Scale up.

Scale Down

LC Tips for Scale down.

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